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‘Peace embassy’ panel from the Quaker Tapestry – more info below

The Quaker Peace Studies Trust (QPST) works for a more peaceful world, by facilitating the study of the nature of peace, and methods by which peaceful societies can be nurtured. We do this by funding research, teaching and study, primarily within the Peace Studies and International Development Division at the University of Bradford.

QPST (Registered Charity No 529095) was set up by Trust Deed in 1972, with the initial object of establishing a Chair of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford. The cost of £150,000 was shared between the Society of Friends (Quakers) and the University of Bradford. Quakers launched a public appeal, which raised £75,000. Adam Curle, the first Professor of Peace Studies, took up his post in the autumn of 1973.

Since then, support has been given to peace studies at the University of Bradford in practical ways to improve the student learning experience and to advance study and research into peace and conflict resolution.

In the last few years the Trust has supported:

  • the Adam Curle Centenary Symposium in 2016 on peaceful relations and the transformation of the world;
  • the Peace Society;
  • a Student Liaison Officer to support students with extra-curricula activities and training;
  • a chair in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building;
  • student bursaries to help with the costs of education;
  • the Eva Pinthus Award to encourage Quakers to study peace;
  • student study trips to Northern Ireland and The Hague;
  • visits to the UK by leading peace campaigners and academics;
  • conference in Africa on global education for peace.          

Current trustees

Our current trustees are:

  • Jeffrey Beatty (clerk)
  • Ann Kathryn Bettys
  • Malcolm Bowker
  • Susan Clarkson
  • Peter John Eccles (treasurer)
  • Liz Scurfield
  • Geoffrey William Tansey
  • Melanie Claire Thomas

Find our entry on the Charity Commission’s website here.

Image info

Peace embassy panel from the Quaker Tapestry: In 1970 British Quakers started to explore the possibility of establishing a University Chair of Peace Studies. There are many establishments researching and teaching war responses and it was felt that research into the causes of wars and conflicts and non¬violent responses to difficult situations was long overdue.

By the end of 1970’s the Quaker Peace Studies Trust and the University of Bradford had agreed to establish a Chair of Peace Studies and by 1973 the first professor was at work with students. On the right of the main panel we see students at work.

The panel was designed by Anne Wynn Wilson and Joe McCrum and embroidered by the Lewes Area Monthly Meeting with help from Chichester Area Meeting.

To find out more, visit the Quaker Tapestry website.

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